About Life Long Testing

Quickly and simply compose tests!

This web application makes it very easy for tests and exams to be designed, shared and taken! The purpose is to have a big database available for teachers, supervisors, students, apprentices and others with which they can simply start composing tests.

All of the tests can be easily searched through and sorted by subject, question type, educational level and difficulty. Question types include: multiple choice(1 out of 4; or e.g. 3 out of 7) and different types of open questions. Such as questions with predetermined “good” answers (there could for example be multiple correct translations for a word) and fully open questions, where the answers can be assessed by certain keywords.

A unique thing about this web application is that you can use games as a testing method! Thus is the popular game hangman usable in combination with a question (for example what is the main city of Denmark: .......... ).
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